About Us

Chye Seng was established in 1940s.  Chye Seng has since evolved into a group of companies consisting of "Chye Seng Auto and Marine Sdn. Bhd.", "Ooi Ting Chong Holdings Sdn. Bhd.", "Titanium Lifestyle Corporation Sdn. Bhd.", "Platinum Lifestyle Corporation Sdn. Bhd.", "CS Motorsports Sdn. Bhd.", "Prima Pearl Auto Sdn. Bhd." and "Pride Auto Sdn. Bhd.".  Chye Seng group of companies provide new car dealership support to customers in Penang and Kedah.  Showrooms of brand new Toyota, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Chery, Suzuki cars are strategically located in Penang and Kedah. 

Chye Seng operates "used car" sale and purchase, thus it is able to provide 1-stop no hassle trade-in service at competitive price for new-car buyers.  Servicing centres with first class facilities and well trained maintenance crew under Chye Seng will ensure that your car is in its tip-top condition. Besides that, Chye Seng also brings in re-conditioned vehicles from Japan and Europe.

In a nutshell, Chye Seng's business encompasses sales, spare parts, servicing, trade-in and other related administrative support (road tax, insurance, financing) which shall ensure your peace of mind in your car purchasing and ownership endeavour.

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